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7 Wedding Trends We Will See In 2024

Updated: Jun 21

Here are 7 wedding trends you will start to see more in 2024!

Let's dive into the world of weddings, yes? As an owner of a photo booth company and a once bride myself, I've seen #trends come and go, but 2024 is set up to be an unparalleled year. So, if you're a bride-to-be tying the marital knot next year, you're in for a treat. Let's explore the latest wedding trends of 2024 together.

1. Petit or Mini bridal boutiques.

Sophia Richie had a #stunning wedding this year and she opted for one of these more petite #bridal bouquets. You will start to see a smaller more refined #bouquet.

2. Film and flash photography.

The reason brides are loving this style right now, is because nobody wants to look back at their wedding and think it just looks trendy. There’s a raw, #candid, classic aesthetic, of film and vintage photography. If your photographer is using a digital camera, the way that they edit them will be the vibe of film and #vintage.

3. Wedding Cakes.

A smaller intimate cake just for the bride and groom or even a petite two-tiered cake. With a smaller cake you can go for an assortment of mini desserts.

4. Guest Attire.

Instead of giving your guest the direction of formal, black tie or cocktail attire, 2024 is about being very intentional. Vibrant and bold #floral clothing is becoming increasingly popular as a wedding trend. Neutrals are out and color is in. You can also go monochromatic and tell everyone to wear the same color, this adds to the elegance of the evening. As a wedding guest, I think this is very helpful to have a very specific wedding dress code theme. Instead of having people guess if you're in the correct dress code, adding an attire card will be very helpful for your guest.

5. Details.

Embellished embroidery accents have emerged as a prevailing wedding fashion. I see this trend, not only on the bride, but also on the groom. You can do this on a shirt, pocket or sleeve, something as simple as your wedding date in Roman numerals can be meaningful.

6. Champagne Towers.

I am loving the champagne tower trend. It’s such a good photo opportunity and a fun way to kick off cocktail hour or the reception.

7. Floor Length Mirrors.

We’ve seen this trend in the past. They can be used as welcome signs or propped up at the entrance to your ceremony that announces the schedule of events. They can also list your signature cocktails on a mirror and have it set up at the bar, the possibilities are endless!

In conclusion…

Organizing a wedding can be an overwhelming venture, but it also presents an opportunity to showcase your creativity. The top wedding trends of 2024 is a year of abundant inspiration, whether you're a fan of bold colors, love elegance, or want to plan a sustainable wedding. Keep in mind, your wedding is a celebration of your unique love story. Don’t hesitate to design a day that genuinely represents who you are.

The most memorable weddings are the ones that truly reflect the couple's personality and values. So, find inspiration in these trends and personalize them to suit your style. After all, it's your big day!

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