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How Can You Create Passive Income With Your Photo Booth?

Achieve your passive income goals!

One of the peak side hustles of 2023 is starting your own photo booth business. A photo booth business is one of the best side jobs because there are minimal upfront costs, and plenty of opportunities to earn passive income in the long run.

Photo booths are, and will remain, a favored entertainment option for events ranging from weddings and corporate events to retail openings. Plus, a photo booth can also be a great complement to an existing business.

I‘ll be sharing the estimate costs to starting an Enclosed Photo Booth Business.

  1. The body or shell.

We really liked the idea of a #camper photo booth and had an amount we were comfortable spending. I searched Facebook Marketplace and was able to find something local to me. Depending where you are located will play a factor on the cost of your camper. This can range from $800 to $1,500 in my area (Houston,Tx). You can check out our camper renovation on our TikTok.

2. Equipment.

  • Printer (If you're going to include physical prints) We also found our Dye Sublimation Printer on Facebook Marketplace. Quality printers can cost $500 to $1000. Ink and photo paper can cost $50 or more per event.

  • Camera (I already had a Canon camera but I also suggest looking used prior to purchasing new.) Cameras range from $600 to $1,600 brand new.

  • We opted for a DELL touch screen monitor. We made this purchase new and it cost under $200

  • Laptop. (Price varies)

  • Figure out what style lighting you want to use. (Ring light, Panels, etc.) I wanted to create a striking feature with my lighting to give guest a one of a kind experience.

3. The software.

Any digital photo booth requires selecting reliable software to capture the photos, deliver them to guests, and everything in-between. Most photo booth software plans will range from $49-$149 per month.

We recommend asking for a trial to evaluate various software solutions for yourself and make a careful selection based on factors such as ease-of-use, participant experience, quality features, and marketing tools you can use to grow your business.

Build a website to launch your photo booth business.

Marketing is the most important function of your online photo booth #business. Without marketing, no one will know your business exists.

Overall, a photo booth business will remain one of the best side hustles in 2023 and beyond. With so many unique photo booth options, it’s easier than ever to take your business on the go and safely store your equipment at home.

We’re proud to have a unique photo booth available!

By purchasing your own photo booth business and advertising, people will start to seek out your services to make their next event more memorable and you can start seeing extra income rolling in.

We are beyond excited to be able to share our Photo Camper with our community, in hopes we can create and capture the smiles of others. One smile at a time.

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